A request for plum recipes, many good ones in the comments.

Photography Credit:Elise Bauer

Plums come in season mid summer and when they do our trees fill up with ripe satsuma, Santa Rosa, and elephant heart plums.

Over the last several days we have been experimenting with several batches of plum preserves – some with more success than others.

Today I made my first jar of plum “leather”, which is what happens when you let the plum sauce cook too long. I will post when we come up with a satisfactory method.

But until then I’m wondering, for those of you out there who also have plum trees, or access to a lot of plums, what do you do with them (besides eating them straight, usually standing over a sink to catch the juice)?

If you make plum preserves, do you use a stove top or microwave? Use all of the juice or strain some of it? Do you have any tricks or tips you would be willing to share?

Watch the video: Eastbound u0026 Down. I Can Feel It In My Plums HD (November 2020).