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Use It Up! A Mini Meal Plan for Steak Lovers

Use It Up! A Mini Meal Plan for Steak Lovers

I’m the primary cook in our house (occupational hazard), and although I love to cook, I also have other things I enjoy doing, which means maximizing my time in the kitchen is priority number one.

Meal planning saves time, and time is a premium for most of us. Repurposing Monday night’s leftovers or ingredients—so I don’t feel like it’s just dinner on repeat—makes everyone in the house happy. I’m not making a new meal start to finish, and the kids aren’t complaining about leftovers, again!

Meal planning, even if it’s just a few dinner ideas per week, saves me time on prep, dishes, and clean up. I’m a big fan of extra time; I know we can all use more of it.

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