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Our Site 2019 Meal Plan: May Week 3

Our Site 2019 Meal Plan: May Week 3

This week, please welcome Rachel Knecht and her meal plans! Rachel is a recipe tester here on Our Site and the blogger behind Baking with Rachel.

Spring is my favorite season (sorry, summer). The warm weather allows us to shed the heavy sweaters and enjoy the beauty budding all around us. Spring is also a good time to take a second look at our family meals.

My goal is to feed my family a “healthy dinner,” but what does that mean? In our family, it means serving a variety of food groups, dishing appropriate portion sizes, and buying as many fresh and organic food items as possible.

With all the fresh fruits and vegetables available in the month of May, I’m excited to get in the kitchen and start cooking! I want to serve healthy, delicious dinners to ensure dinnertime is everyone’s favorite part of the day.

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