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Our Site 2019 Gift Guide: Kids Who Love to Cook

Our Site 2019 Gift Guide: Kids Who Love to Cook

Nothing warms our heart more than seeing kids who are REALLY into something. Even better when that thing entails spending time in the kitchen.

For that reason, this gift guide is extra special, and geared towards all the littles in your life who love helping prep, cook, and bake.

From cooking classes and books, to aprons and even a butter churn, there’s something for all ages, interests and abilities here. Let’s ALL get cooking!

If you've got a real cooking aficionado on your hands, there's no better gift than the experience of learning new skills with people your age! Depending on where you live, a Sur La Table class could be just the thing - their offerings vary from city to city, but the one constant is a gift that will inform and delight.

If you're familiar with The Forest Feast, it's a beautiful vegetarian cookbook with hand-painted illustrations from the ever-talented Erin Gleeson. This follow up for kids includes 20 new recipes (and a bunch of kid-friendly favorites from her first book) along with ideas for kid's parties. We were sold with the watermelon smoothies and pesto pepper pizza!

Our Marketing Director, Megan, received this churn as a gift for her son a few years back and it turns out toddlers LOVE making butter! This butter churn is simple enough for small kiddos to master, and is a great lesson in turning one ingredient into something else entirely. We're smitten!

Senior Editor Summer Miller loves this knife set as it gives eager, small hands free range in the kitchen while allowing parents to leave their worries behind. So ... two gifts in one, really!

Aprons! We love this set because it comes with so many aprons in all different colors, ensuring you're not devastated if one gets ruined. Extra bonus: no one will bicker over getting their own.

Megan can't stop talking about the Kalamata's Kitchen books. If you have a picky (errr, less adventurous) eater in the mix, they're great for encouraging kids to try new foods and celebrate them! This sweet bundle includes a book, tote, and veggie memory game (the cutest). Interested in just the books? They sell a great book bundle as well as other unique, well-considered gifts.

Editor in Chief Emma loves this baking set and for good reason! It's not only adorable, it's functional, too. It's truly everything little hands need to start making their own batch of cookies and muffins!

While there's likely a set of measuring spoons for the adults in the house, the small cook deserves a set of their own! And we love this sweet cherry set, guaranteed to brighten up a rainy baking day.

Making eggs and pancakes in fun shapes has never been easier with these colorful molds. Heart fried eggs and star pancakes just might be in your future should you gift these to your favorite small cook!

What kiddo doesn't love weekend waffles? These fun animal shapes are certain to make breakfast a wild celebration (and the older kids can even help pour the batter).

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